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About Us

Our Approach

No matter the business, large or small, we are able to support and grow in ways that shall enhance everyone’s needs.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is ours. We formed from a love of the work that we do, although our partnership roles are uniquely different they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and make Spriggsova an excitingly dynamic, efficient and developing company.

who we are

Mr Spriggs and Ms Labisova established spriggsova in 2015, the partnership name ‘Spriggsova’ is from the combination of the two names, and as the business grew we became partners in life.
A happy marriage of our business makes expansion a controlled asset, as stable foundation to all our clients.

Mr M Spriggs

Founder & CEO

With an extensive knowledge of Architecture and IT, the logical design and requirements are standard procedure.

Mrs I Spriggs

Founder & CEO

The past employment experiences and vast knowledge is paramount to the development and financial control of Spriggsova.